Self-Publish your Games

Our Services to you:

Gaming as a Service has been designed to support developers looking for a fast and reliable way to publish games on their own. While gaining access to cutting edge server technology and reliable backend solutions as well as broad billing and marketing systems, we are also offering our more than 10 years of experience in the gaming market as a consultant who will support you when needed.

If you are interested in creating your games the way you want them to be released, but even would like to get access to the proper technology of an experienced publisher or simply like to go along with a skilled consultant to ease the way to success, Gaming as a service will be your choice.

What we offer

Our Infrastructure covers everything you need from a professional development and testing environment up to a stable live service. We offer a cost efficient scalable system to offer as many resources as needed without wasting capacity. If you need more server sets or more power, you can increase each component of your running system with ease.

The wide range of pre-defined server setups grants fast on-keystroke availability. We offer you our features and tools, optimized for an easy server management, to maintain your full and precise server control. Our top-notch data centers in EU and NA are one of the best solutions for gaming servers on the market. We grant you access to an environment, which leaves no desires unfulfilled and copes with all possible requirements.

Deciding for our infrastructure enables you to access a tailor-made set up fitting your individual needs. You can even entrust a professional team with all infrastructure related tasks, helping you to increase efficiency while reducing maintenance efforts.

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Backend as a Service

The heart of all user management lies deep within the backend services. Reliability, accessibility and security are a must if you want to cope with the demands on the launch of a successful game. With our account system you will receive a versatile solution for account data storage and management, from registration to retention.

Thanks to continuous improvement of usability and security, we have created a secure system that satisfies all possible requirements and fulfills your user management needs from account data storage up to analysis of user behavior via “Splunk” reporting.

Payment as a Service

Using online payments systems either as customer or as service provider you always want it to be simple, secure and fast. Combining those demands will get you to our billing systems. Additionally we offer you a cost effective solution to optimize your expenses and raise the volume of customer transactions.

We are working together with a wide range of major payment providers in Europe and North America to ensure a trusted and safe payment environment for your costumers. We are always in direct contact with our payment partners to prohibit fraudulent behaviour and to ensure smooth payment processes.

Producing as a Service

A game is a game is a game, or isn’t it? Well, it’s a game, but not necessarily a performing one. Publishing games from different continents brought up the question of local specialties. Are your customers “Grinder” or “Quester”? Do players prefer housing or crafting? Which incentives are the right ones to convert a player?

Get in contact with our experienced associate producers to open up local markets. We help you to optimize your game and to adapt it to the territories of your choice. As a consultant we offer our years of professional expertise focusing on player conversion, monetization, lifetime and user experience. Based on your needs we will provide you with recommendations to create a product suitable for the territory of your choice from the first draft up to the commercial running phase.

To optimize the integration and adaption to your target market, we offer you a goal-oriented project and milestone management adjusted to your current project phase. Our associate producers support you with tailor-made project plans that allow you to work with highest efficiency during every game phase, from CBT/OBT up to the commercial release and production phase

Publishing as a Service

Your game is already live? Gain advantage of our tools and technologies for in-depth game analysis to receive an overview about all valuable key facts of your product to increase revenue and customer life time. Support your product with websites, forum, CRM and social media channels to raise attention of your product and to strengthen your community.

With the support of our experienced product and community management team you will be able to optimize your product life cycle, execute game events and build up a strong and loyal community base.

Marketing as a Service

Being live isn’t being known. Being seen isn’t being recognized. Take off with us as a reliable consultant to distribute your game the way you want. Even the best product will only perform if the public knows about it. With our experienced marketing consultants you can develop professional campaigns to optimize your marketing strategy for tailor-made solutions suiting your needs.

Due to our long time as a publisher of online games we acquired a huge network of partners helping us to market our games. We offer you access to our affiliate network with more than 600 partners and with it the opportunity to build up attention on a decent professional scale. Get grasp of all the advantages of agency services like SEA, RTB, display and video advertisement!

To assure a consistent web appearance our dedicated design team will supports you setting up websites, landing pages, banners and your social media channels to create and maintain your very own design while reducing resource cost.

Who are we?

The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America with more than 100 million registered user accounts and over 300 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin, Muenster, Darmstadt (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Seoul (Korea). Apart from gamigo AG, the group consists of, among others, Aeria Games, Infernum, Intenium, adspree and GameSpree. The company functions as a publisher for free-to-play mobile and online games and also offers modular Software as a Service solutions for business customers within the scope of the gamigo platform strategy. The gamigo platform helps publishers and developers from all over the world publish and promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. The company.s core portfolio is comprised of successful games like Aura Kingdom, Dawn of Gods, Desert Operations, Dragon's Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Last Chaos, Shaiya and The Rats. As early as in the year 2000, gamigo published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 10+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.