About Our Infrastructure

From a professional game and staging environment, up to a stable live system our infrastructure offers a cost efficient and scalable system providing individual solutions. We deliver a basic set of preconfigured servers that can be easily upgraded while your game grows and with it the server requirements.

We deliver all our servers with a specialized firewall and DDOS protection to maintain a secure and stable service. You can easily control your infrastructure with our latest server API granting to you a modern and full fetched management system

Our Hybrid Cloud solution adapts completely to your needs and comes with full Linux support to provide you with top-notch technology and on stroke accessibility while giving you the possibility to migrate your current infrastructure within no time.

Gain easy access to our gaming solutions!

  • Professional backend
  • Broad Payment options
  • Access to more than 10 years of publishing experience
  • Extensive infrastructure

Our infrastructure:

  • Flexible Hybrid cloud solution
  • Cost efficiency due to easy scalability
  • Excellent DDOS protection
  • Full Linux Support

We Offer

  Free Premium
Setup Time Ready to use Ready to use
Virtual Machine Limit 3 As Many as Needed
CPU AMD 2 Core 1,9 Ghz As Much Computing Capacity as Needed
RAM 2GB As Much Memory as Needed
Storage Size 30GB per VM As Much Storage as Needed
Network 10 Mbit Transfer Full High Speed Transfer
Gamigo WebAPI
Excellent DDOS protection
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Limited amount of free basic accounts!
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